RAUI — Renderer Agnostic UI

RAUI is a renderer agnostic UI, written in Rust, that is heavely inspired by React declarative UI composition and UE4 Slate widget components system

Get started

Open-source MIT License. Hosted on GitHub.

Use With Any Renderer! 🎮

Easily integrate with your favorite Rust game engine or toolkit.

Built-in Tesselation Renderer 📐

RAUI features a built-in tesselator renderer that allows easily hooking into any renderer that can render triangles!

Or Do it Yourself! 👨‍🏭

If triangles aren't your thing, you can implement custom rendering of RAUI's WidgetNode however you want.

Flexible Design 📈

Easily create your own widget components simply by defining functions

Existing Integrations 🏗

RAUI has an official integration with the Tetra game engine, and is being used in Oxygengine and Bevy Retro.